Are You Ready to Go Beyond What You Know To Powerfully Take Control Of Your Child’s Mental/Emotional Health & Happiness

Do You Want To Change Your Homes Energy to Peace, Laughter, Joy, Success But Believe Your Home Can Never Be Peaceful?   Read On My Friends! 


Did you know that 25% of our medication comes from plants and flowers?  This simple, easy to read handbook shares with you how to powerfully help many of the symptoms of autism and asperger symptoms in children and adults – be it social anxiousness, fears, confidence, obsessiveness, disconnectedness, communication, anger  to energy protection and more.  On The Spectrum Challenges also addresses family dynamics, sibling help with school & family and  also address great remedies for  relationship success.  Its a book for the whole family!  This book will share with you remedies on  how we, as moms,  can use plant medicine, all natural help addressing a positive state of mind, for our entire family helping all to be and feel successful, content and happy!

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You will learn, as I did, the power of plant medicine, the remedies to use, how they work targeting our state of mind, why they work, what they actually are, and the simple step by step process, which natural, safe extracts will  bring harmony, peace, purpose and joy ridding what ails us individually, bring out each persons positive side, whether on the spectrum, asperbergers, rage – whatever the personal challenge is and bring out the positive side  simply using what the earth has provided to us!

This healing modality, plant medicine,  is well known throughout Europe, and very powerful!  My goal is to educate and inspire you to confidently use these plant extracts to target the specific needs of your child on the spectrum,  yourself and your family members, knowing you cannot harm anyone. They are totally safe to use, even if on medication and will work through your medication to help!

As parents we do the best we can, but with the help of this book targeting your mental health, you can and will create the home environment you want to flourish in, help your children to be their happiest and most successful, and help your relationship to thrive and partner.  Life is full of struggles, let plant medicine, targeted for mental health, our state of mind, bring out the best in each of you.  Its amazing, simple and powerful.  Go Beyond What You Know and try it – there is nothing to lose!

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Go Beyond What You Know and feel the amazing power of plant medicine!

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On the Spectrum Challenges are a Family Affair

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