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I use plant medicine and flower remedies to help you take control of your negative thoughts and transform you back to your most positive, passionate and successful self.

My coaching and remedies are ideal for individuals as well as families. I create individualized remedies from plant-based extracts, based on a deep understanding of where you are now, what you want for yourself and/or your child (purpose) and how you want to feel. Within weeks of taking the remedy, you will find yourself naturally moving towards these positive feelings, living the life you are meant to live, bringing you back to passion, enthusiasm, peace, and pure joy. Its rejuvenation of your mind and soul.
For children, they can come out of balance going all the way back to pregnancy, birth, trauma. Flower Remedies, plant medicine is self healing and brings us back to living our true story. It’s all inside you.

My trainings, programs and certifications have been developed for healers such as Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Reiki Practitioners and Holistic Nurses. Together we can heal the world with plant based, soulful medicine.

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First, Take a moment to learn more about what Amy does-

Amy’s main focus is to expand emotional balance worldwide
through education, remedy coaching and enrichment programs.


Scientific fact about life:

Everything in life is vibrations.
Humans are complete vibrational energy.

Flowers balance
our energy, vibrationally:

Flower remedies are considered vibrational medicine. Rather than suppressing negative emotions or symptoms (as we are accustomed to in conventional medicine), the remedies work by stimulating in us the positive feelings we need to overcome a negative emotional state.
Is your vibration low or high?

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Success Stories

I’m so happy with the changes I’ve had since using the remedies. The world seems like a different place to just a few months ago. Amazed at what a difference these have made
Our Autistic son completely stopped having episodes (Extreme meltdowns),
we are awestruck at the change that Flower remedies has had on our son and our family, as a whole.
For menopause, this has been a miracle,
the treatments work in a very quiet way.
I’m myself again, the ambitious, exercising, positive thinking woman…maybe with
an occasional hot flash…but not anything
I can’t handle anymore.
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