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Hello my friends,  Amy D. Cohen and its so nice to meet you!  Get ready to learn how simple it is to find your happiness again, your hope, relieve your anxiety, become unstuck, live your purpose and feel amazing happiness using powerful, safe and very effective plant based medicine – flower remedies for you and your children.  These plant based remedies are well known and used throughout Europe,  and really, what they do, is relieve your negative state, relieve your trauma, guilt, chaotic life and to  bring you to who you truly are.  It just happens naturally, you will be so excited to know that something so simple can have such a great impact on yours & your family’s life.    Flower remedies work on balancing your mind, spirit & soul and helping you to accomplish the life you seek and raise your consciousness in the process.    


I am so blessed and happy I get to work with people teaching, consulting with families, writing best selling books, speaking across the U.S. on using plant based medicine to live your life happy, no side effects.  I love, LOVE teaching the course to rising star healers and practicing healers to help expand their services and  income streams using plant medicine – consulting, products and more.  You can run this business whether your doors may have to close its doors or not – help more families and reach more people in your community.   I will share with you how. 

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Amy cohen


We are pure energy and vibration.
When Out of Balance, Our Energy Shifts Into the Negative State of Mind. This is where I come in using and teaching plant remedies.  It’s “mind medicine. “

Flowers & Plants Balance
Our Energy, Vibrationally:

Plants and humans both need positive energy, food, water and the sun to thrive and grow – physically and mentally. When we are in sync – mind body and soul, we live in health and happiness.  Plant Medicine, Flower Remedies move us back to our most balanced state of mind,  bringing us to happiness, health, purpose & spiritual connection.  Powerful, quick acting and amazing for us and our children.  I pair you with the right remedies and coaching needed to bring balance back into your life, your families or your career/business.   


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Success Stories

I’m so happy with the changes I’ve had since using the remedies. The world seems like a different place to just a few months ago. Amazed at what a difference these have made
Our Autistic son completely stopped having episodes (Extreme meltdowns),
we are awestruck at the change that Flower remedies has had on our son and our family, as a whole.
For menopause, this has been a miracle,
the treatments work in a very quiet way.
I’m myself again, the ambitious, exercising, positive thinking woman…maybe with
an occasional hot flash…but not anything
I can’t handle anymore.
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