I don’t know what it is, I cannot really explain it. But there is something about hitting – for some –our 40’s, for others – our 50’s.

All of a sudden we are hit with all these thoughts, beliefs, emotional challenges that we have ever dealt with before. It can be anything from anxiety, sadness, loss of passion, boredom, memory loss, forgetfulness, purpose, routine and feeling that things are becoming out of our control. We had such a grip before and we begin to feel like we are losing it! Everything and anything can affect us in a negative or confusing way!

All of a sudden we have no control over how we feel or how we look, and more importantly – how we feel and how we see ourselves.


We are supposed to be happier as we age, but I am not sure what happens – its almost like all the trauma from our past catch up to us. That is how I describe it to my clients, and we have no control over it. Maybe we were able to suppress it in the past, or even forget about it, or continue to work day in and day out because we have too – kids, routine, work. But something changes for us in our life. I am not saying its a good or a bad feeling, just a different feeling.

Many say its peri menopause, menopause – but I am not sure and I am not interested in being part of a stereotypical dynamic. All I know is that we are at the prime of our life – children are getting older, accruing all this wisdom from good times and traumatic times.

And the truth is, when should be living our best lives now, don’t you think?

Instead, something happens where we almost leave our self, lose our self….and its my desire to help bring you back to you. If it is purpose you lost, the remedies will help, if its “what am I going to do after your kids leave” the remedies will help. If you are struggling with anxiety or sadness or feeling stuck or not sure you are happy in your marriage anymore……talk to me. Let me help you figure it out and share simple ways to move forward – your way!

Let me help.

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