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As a married woman with kids, a dog, and a husband, its funny to think about the pure feeling of joy! I would’t say I’m not happy, but there is that undertone of routine that you can get lost in, don’t you think?

Wake the kids, walk the dog, get ready for school and work, cook dinner, do homework, prepare kids for bed, and lastly, if you can find a moment – relax-! Feeling frazzled? Many of us begin to lose ourselves, lose our spontaneity, anticipation, lust for life. We have things to take care of, and everything and everyone else comes first.

How many of you studied for a career that you are in for 20 years now, and are bored of it? Feel stuck in a job because of your responsibilities, because of money?

As time goes on many describe “lackluster” as depression. you go to the doctor, you may get a prescription for an anti-depressant. Many side effects, does not necessarily bring joy – but can help you to feel nothing, and for some, that is ok.

Can I tell you something…. We CAN have it all! Maybe you don’t think we can, you are wrong! We can have the routine of our great life with family, and we can have the lust for life, lust for our partner and spontaneity, as well! We can find time to do the fun things that bring us joy – its all about balance! When you are not following your lifes path, your journey, which changes throughout our lives – you will be affected – mentally, spiritually and eventually physically. By the time you go to the doctor, you usually have been without joy for a while.

LIVING LIFE HAPPY is not too much too ask for. Here are five, outside the box tips, to find your happy again!

Do something different, by yourself! Doing something you have never done before, something you have always wanted to do on your own. You will feel a great sense of accomplishment which brings confidence and self esteem! So even if you think you cannot afford it – its like a doctors visit, and your mental health & happiness will truly soar! It’s your secret escape!

Look at a customized flower remedy blend – do you need more energy, are you fearful, stuck – is there anxiety – something holding you back in life? A remedy blend will move you back into balance. When you begin to think about your future, and what you truly want, you cannot help but become happy, energized, hopeful!

Think about reigniting the flame with your partner – hold hands again, go on a date, a day cruise, something out of the ordinary. Take a day trip – alone. You fell in love for a reason – you just have to get back there again to find the passion.

When you look different, you feel different! Go outside the box, try on clothes you would not ordinarily wear, change your hair for a day, get a free makeover at the mall. Get out of yourself and create a playful style for yourself. You can change it for good, or change it for the day. Create your secret self!

Lastly, stop being so hard on yourself! Life is day to day. Yesterday is over. Tomorrow is a new day. Begin this new day with a smile and watch what happens!

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