The inspiration behind Strongest Minds emerged from a personal and life-changing experience. When faced with having to make life/death decisions for my ill father, take care of my family, and struggling with great anxiety, I believe, when looking back, that I was on the brink of a nervous breakdown, which was surprising because I am a strong woman. I called my M.D., who was also a holistic doctor, and was offered a flower remedy blend.

At first I was reluctant to try anything other than prescriptive medication, and honestly, a flower remedy blend, really?!! But after trying the blend, I experienced something so powerful, it led me on the journey to learn more, and ultimately to become a family/individual consultant, a speaker and a teacher to healers, doctors and individuals – the intense power of flower remedies on our emotional/mental health and wellness.

I have since traveled and studied with the best producers of flower remedies from all over the world. I cannot believe there was a time when I could barely leave my home because of intense anxiousness and I will never forget what that felt like for me and how it intruded living my life, my way.

Amy D. Cohen of Strongest Minds is one of the most respected advisers in the field of emotional health and wellness for anxiousness, sadness, children behavior challenges and symptoms of autism, hearing voices and more to naturally, safely and effectively bring you back to a healthy, positive state using powerful remedies from the earth.

As a Practitioner for Emotional/Mental Health, Amy has achieved great success working with clients worldwide – consulting and creating powerful blends of flower extracts for the traumatic emotional issues that can change our story, and stop us from living life happy.

You will see how powerful, profound and effective customized blends will be for yourself and your family bringing you back your hope, and back to who you truly are. Amy found this healing modality through her own trauma (anxiety, agoraphobia, grief), given to her by her health care provider and it was so powerful in its healing, she began traveling around the world to the most respected producers of this amazing plant medicine to learn more about their health benefits for us.

Powerful plant extracts (flower remedies, flower essences) are used throughout Europe in hospitals and doctors offices and she is working hard to get this dynamic healing known throughout the U.S., teaching courses to specialize in emotional health, creating products, writing and consulting.

Amy does not offer a magic pill. We don’t construct a medical process or guarantee a miracle drug. What we do offer is an effective natural solution for those that want to reverse their negative emotions and return to a state of happiness. It is so easy, yet profound in where it can take you to: Your path.

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