About Flower Remedies

Did you know that 25% of our medication comes from plants and flowers? The universe has truly given us all we need to thrive – mentally, soulfully and spiritually. If you want to feel your most confident self, your most successful self (your purpose, best weight, living in pure joy, career), you can and you will! Powerful, safe and very effective plant medicine will move you back to your most most balanced and powerful state of mind to help you live your true life story. When you experience this feeling, you will live a healthier, more purposeful life in joy – you got this!

Not only does Amy D. Cohen work with you to bring you to your best self, but she will help you to figure out your next goals and how to reach them. Do you know that only 1-5% of people make goals and ultimately reach them? You will be in that 5%, guaranteed! Amy’s programs are designed to help you to relieve what is holding you back – anxiety, sadness, purpose, anger – whatever the negative, then work on life goals, your dreams (which are really your soul goals) and the plan to reach them through coaching and think BIG! Amy Cohen’s year long healing/career/coaching programs, her Practitioner Course Programs with business coaching, Family and Individual Coaching for a chaos free and happy home, and Books will help you take your life from where it is now to where you wish it to be. Flower Remedies are medicine for your soul.