When you struggle with anxiety, your life is affected in many ways.  Those that don’t struggle with anxiety cannot understand at all the struggle. The irrational thoughts, fears, sadness – which trickles down to lack of confidence, not feeling worthy and hopelessness.  When I struggled with anxiety, leaving the house was based on where my anxiety was that day, that moment.  If you struggle with anxiety, you know what I am talking about!  I don’t struggle with anxiety now at all, but one of the things I have noticed about working with people that struggle with anxiety (and sadness as well) is there is a strong connection to intuitiveness, and a strong need for energy protection from the energy of others – which can affect us very profoundly.   

There are many reasons people are challenged with anxiety-it can be inherited, trauma, daily life challenges. Many times, its inside of us just waiting to be triggered.  But we don’t talk about – or can even understand at times why being outdoors, being in school, being around people we  live with, being in crowds, can be very challenging for someone who struggles with anxiety.  We feel the energy of other people and that, at times, can be crippling.   I have worked with clients that feel they are very empathetic, clients that feel they are affected by people in their homes and people outside, so much so, they cannot leave their home.  Even children that have a hard time getting to school, or don’t really speak in school (new diagnosis – selective mutism), or are loners – or children that are diagnosed with behavioral problems, are many times struggling with some form of anxiety and energy challenges.


Because we can  feel the energy of others, and take on others energy, it can really affect us very strongly in our anxiety and make it worse.  Along with the energy sensitivity, there is a connection I find between anxiety, intuitiveness, energy, higher power.  I cannot tell you why it is, just that it is.  I really believe and I have seen that most that struggle are very connected to a higher plane and for some reason there is more struggle, but also high intuitiveness.  It can sometimes be unrecognized because of all the struggle daily.  I also believe we are not on this earth to struggle – its not our destiny, now matter how long you have been struggling, but to heal and accomplish a greater purpose. But in order to do this, we have to clear our anxiety first, protect our energy and be able to clear the thick debris around our energy field so we can finally truly live our life our way, not live our life around our anxiety.  How can you hear your guides or feel your soul’s purpose when you are struggling just to remain “ok” moment to moment?  


Although I work with everyone individually and customize each remedy for each person, including children – I want to find out what your symptoms of anxiety are so we can use the flower remedies to open you up to your better life, and your purpose. 

I am not a doctor nor a therapist, I am a Practitioner For Emotional/Mental Health and Wellness. So if you seek me out – my questions are different – I want to know what is happening to you- mind, body and soul. What are your personal struggles, thoughts, feelings, when did you first notice. Flower remedies work on our emotional/mental spirit.  I have seen over and over again that if we are balanced emotionally, all else follows.  Most people tend to share with me their diagnosis, you can – but it does not matter – I want to know in this moment, what you are feeling and ultimately – how you want to feel, then  I can choose the right extracts to bring you to that feeling.  This is the ultimate goal!   I want to know if you have had surgery, had anesthesia, how was your birth, was there trauma, are you affected by others’ energy? What are the challenges you feel in your anxiety – panic, palpatations, social anxiety, fears, anger, cannot leave the house, sadness?  



Many people say that they struggle with anxiety when they are really stressed and overwhelmed.  I can determine which it is.   And so can you – here is how

STRESS – are you feeling overwhelmed wth the amount of work you have to do, maybe cannot do anything because of your overwhelm?  Are you feeling stressed out, nervous.  This is different than anxiety.

ANXIETY –  Some or all of these –  irrational thoughts, feel fainting, fears, panic attacks, always feeling in fight and flight, chronic worry over everything, negativity, intuitiveness, nervousness, fear of death, illness, energy sensitivity and more.  


There are many people that suppress their inner guidance, hunches, intuitive thoughts, ignoring and not listening to the guidance of your soul, to your guides leading you.  This can add to your anxiety because of suppression and fear.  Once you understand that what you are hearing and feeling is ok, you can begin to relax, listen.  You cannot do this though until you are protected, calm without anxiety and moving back to yourself.    This will happen for you using powerful plant medicine – flower remedies.  When you constantly suppress what you are feeling, where you are being guided (if positive), you will continue to get anxiety and it gets worse.  If you have negative thoughts, hear voices that are negative – that can be cleared.  When we are sensitive, we have to be careful,  our aura needs to be cleared, and we need to be protected.  Again you can do this simply with flower remedies we can make for you as part of your remedy blend.  It is truly life changing – or better “life making!”  Your life.   

I found this through my own trauma, having no clue as to where it would take me.  I truly cannot believe where I am in my life – from an office manager in a law firm in NYC to working with clients worldwide sharing the message of plant medicine and how they help our state of mind without side effects, calming anxiety in adults and children, helping with purpose using the remedies and teaching others how to get back to your best self and nothing – not trauma, not anxiety or sadness, not fears – nothing – can hold us back when we discover their power.  Let me help you – or read the articles on my site and help yourself!  It starts with you – women, head of household, mom power.  Like the oxygen on the plane – take care of yourself first, and all else falls naturally into place. 

To your powerful 2019!

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