Becoming Unstuck Is Not Nearly as Hard as You Think

Becoming Unstuck Is Not Nearly as Hard as You Think

Start Living Life the Way You Want to Live It Today

Have you ever felt unfulfilled in your life? As if every day you’re getting up and living life, but it’s not the life you envisioned? Do you feel like you’re just going through the day to day motions? There could be stresses of raising kids or spending 40 plus hours at a job you hate. You may even make enough money, have great family and friends, and not want for anything, but still feel like something is missing. Possibly you feel sadness or discouraged. There may be guilt about feeling ungrateful despite all you have. I hear this often from women I coach. There is this belief that you are not allowed to struggle or be sad because you should be grateful. Yes, we are thankful, but that does not mean our life is perfect, and we don’t want to continue to grow. You may feel stuck. Stuck in your current situation, stuck in a job you hate, stuck with emotions you want to get rid of, stuck feeling that your current life is as good as it will get, or maybe even not sure what else there is for you but long for more. We all have probably felt these emotions at one time or another, but it’s important to remember that we never have to stay here.

Understanding Why You Feel Stuck

Often life gets in our way. We set a particular goal or plan for our lives and then we’re hit with something whether it be good or bad, that distracts or derails us all together. It could be financial hardships, new or toxic relationships, health issues, or insecurities that can cloud our vision. Before we know it, the roadblocks begin to take a toll on our belief that we can achieve more, or seek out new goals. Other times we have reached a goal or series of goals, and then we feel like we have hit a plateau. When there is no goal to obtain or purpose to fulfill, we can lose our enthusiasm and become complacent or discontent. Life’s roadblocks and the feeling of complacency will leave us in a state of stuck and can shift our energy towards a negative space. What is stuck? It’s a nudge from our soul, our spirit that it’s time for another leap forward, a new goal, something to strive for, to feel passion for in our next life purpose.

Your thoughts become your prison. Your outcome is related to your state of mind. If you don’t believe that you can change or improve your situation, you will continue to feel stuck. The first step of getting out of stuck is to take a moment to reflect. Determine what you want out of this life and the person you want to be. After you determine the life you want, the next step is to believe that these things are possible for you and you are worthy to receive those possibilities, AND THINK BIG! There are natural remedies and holistic health approaches that will help you understand and improve your emotions and began moving towards the life you want for yourself.

Getting Out of Stuck

Becoming unstuck is absolutely obtainable for all of us, and it’s a necessity to live life happy. Take a moment to listen to what your soul, your guides, your intuition is telling you. Sit back and think about what you want without suppressing your thoughts and believe you can have it. Ask yourself, if you could do anything in the world, what would it be? Whatever your answer is, that is why you are here. Use plant-based, inexpensive flower remedies to move you from a stuck state of mind to a positive moving forward state of mind. Here are some remedies and the benefits they provide.

After the remedies, your mind will lead you to find the necessary ways to shift your energy and mindset to help you to attain your next goals.
If after you think about it and cannot figure out your purpose, order “Wild Oat” from Bach Flower Essences online and it will help you determine your next purpose. Please believe me when I tell you, it is inside of you, even if you don’t see it yet. If you know what you want and cannot figure out how to get there, take the time to research. You can start by looking for a life/soul coach. I believe without life coaches; I would not have achieved all that I have today. I have used life coaches for many years, and have taught my children the same principle; that to move forward, you must have someone behind you pushing you, a sounding board, moving you forward. You will, for sure, come out of stuck.

Taking a holistic approach to our emotional and mental health gives us the tools and resources to overall wellness. Take time to identify why you feel stuck and be determined to take steps to become unstuck. Learn more on powerful, natural ways to improve your emotional and mental health by reading here

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