I work with women to help find soul purpose, feel beautiful self love and pure happiness!

I use plant medicine, flower remedies, to help accelerate your success bringing you to your peak state of mind to achieve your souls purpose with guidance. Feeling your best self is sitting right inside you waiting to come out. You are just a bit stuck, thats what life does to us. You can be struggling right now with anything from anxiety to wanting to connect with your spirit and a higher sense of purpose. Its all inside you. Flower remedies will bring your soul’s goals to the surface. And when that happens, any sadness, any anxiety, any unbalanced feeling or undercurrent you are struggling with will leave. You will fix relationships, create harmony…and it will all come naturally. Thats what soul medicine, flower remedies will help you to achieve.

And I coach. I work with the Success Principles from Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) to move you forward as well. Together, they will catapult you to your best self, achieving what your purpose and goals are – all aligned with your souls purpose which bring rejuvenation, enthusiasm and passion! You will begin to feel amazing very quickly!
You can create everything you want in this lifetime whether its happiness with your husband and kids, finding your passion, creation wealth, growing a business to 6-7 figures. Its whatever you want to create- what is inside you. I have learned we need guidance to do that, we need mentors, we need to be around people that are successful and are living the life you want.

Incorporating Flower Remedies

Plant Medicine are made from plant and flower and even gem extracts from all over the world that target our mental/emotional state of mind. Reversing the negative and bringing the positive. I teach Practitioner courses, write books, speak, sell products and more. I work with children, families, relationships, business.
Many times, when the household is challenged with other things, kids and anger, school issues, someone with anxiety, sadness, fighting – it affects the harmony and home. I work with you to heal any issues inside the home, then work with you on your own life goals. We will figure it all out. I am here to guide you, to push you, to listen to you, for you to be accountable to, to help you achieve in every area of your life. We work on your emotional/mental health goals, financial goals (dream big-they become your goals), health & fitness goals, personal fun goals, relationship goals, home and harmony goals, bucket list, family wants (are you and a family member talking- i.e.).

How We Work Together

We do a consultation. I find out exactly what is going on in your life. I make you a remedy blend specifically to heal any challenges going on in your life right now from purpose to anxiety, sadness, home issues. And we do this every month for 6 months or a year depending on the package you choose in working with me. Each month we will be going through success principles to help you move forward in life, and get excited about where your life is going. We will touch on things you probably never even thought about! You will be feeling hopeful and excited for the process. We are having a one on one 30 minute coaching call 2x month. You have your goals set for the next time we speak.
In the third month – 6/12 months we are cleaning up challenges that may be burdening you, empowering you, moving you forward, working on your purpose, challenges in your home. We are working on Success Principles for life coaching, creating your next remedy for what is coming up for you and where you want to go. You are taking action on your goals, we are addressing any questions challenges that come up, getting more business and clients, working your bucket list, making the money you want to make. There will always be pebbles or boulders in your way. Its just life, we figure out the solution. 30 minute coaching call 2x month. You have your goals set for the next time we speak.
For the rest of the time working together we are continuing moving you on your path whatever that is with accountability, masterminding together, tasks to complete and speaking regularly to get rid of any pebbles or boulders in our way.

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