Frequently Asked Question?

Flower remedies are liquid extracts from pure flowers, not touched by chemicals, no scent, from all over the world. They address our emotional/mental health from something simple like lack of confidence to life changing anger and trauma with amazing results.

The power is intense, profound and wonderful! You will usually begin to notice changes within 30 days where you begin to notice your thinking becoming more positive, your anxiety subsiding, your world becoming more peaceful.

You can use them yourself adding the liquid to your drinks for a few weeks and chart the changes, or go to a certified practitioner to make a personal blend for you. Notice the difference from before you begin using your blend to how you feel after a few weeks. Use a scale of 1-10 to help you to chart the changes. The extracts are so powerful, yet gentle that you move back to positivity – quickly, quietly with no side effects, forgetting what you were struggling with

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