Healing/Business Retreat

This specific retreat is designed for women 50+ and this is a “by application and acceptance” retreat for women that want to heal what is holding them back from living life happy as well as create an at home profitable business. We meet 1x month in person or online. You, as a women of wisdom not only wants to change the course of your life as it is now, but also have the desire to give something back to the world utilizing a new career in holistic medicine. This 1 year journey together consists of your personal soul/life coaching to help you get out of where you are unhappy, stuck, struggling, relationship goals, anxiety, sadness, grief, lack of confidence, resentments, etc. – and move you back to your most positive best self which changes who you are and how you see yourself and what you will accomplish in your life now.

The Practitioner part of the course will teach you all you need to know and much more and also comes with business coaching so that you will succeed in business, be profitable, be an expert in your field. (I think we have a landing page for this?) A truly happy life happens when you have a working triangle of mind, body and spirit in balance. It means you are continuing your life journey to the next level. Many people feel stuck and don’t move forward because of fears, money, age. But when you truly feel held down, you become lifeless, fearful, passionless which leads to sadness because you are not following your journey.

I have built an amazing business over the course of ten years. Using the remedies have helped me to breakthrough my fears, my trauma, my anxiety and more. I felt I was directed by a universal spirit to do more, that I needed to get this untapped, incredibly powerful healing out there which I am doing. I felt directed this year to put this out there for women 50+ for a reason. Over the years I have had good and bad years in business and felt in order to move forward and get my voice out to the world I needed more training on the business side. I am fantastic at working with the remedies and I don’t represent any company so I can be totally pure in my recommendations and teachings working with clients to heal, and students to become expert Practitioners. This year, having experienced my own personal life change (with my husband) and experiencing how it affected my business I felt compelled to work with women in a private retreat for this reason for women of wisdom 50+ in this year long retreat setting.

Not only that – the investment in this year long certified business retreat and personal coaching is an investment, one I want you to make back in the first year and make at least 5x your investment and/or more – your choice for how busy you want to be. So I decided in order to give the best, I need to study with the best. So I investment many thousands of dollars to study from Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield and Patty Aubrey, millionaires. My plan is to bring you the ways to be as profitable as you want to be and the ways to get there. You can learn more by accessing the retreat information below and above.

I find that women approaching menopause or post menopause are in a totally different place then women raising younger children. A few things happen I have learned from my own experience in menopause and speaking with many, many clients who are there.

*On the mental health side – something happens where its like life catches up to you and all of a sudden you begin a struggle which comes out of nowhere. Life can be perfect for you, but all of a sudden there is anxiety or depression, passionless. Whatever it is, but you cannot get rid of it. I believe this happens from always taking care of everything and everyone that we suppress what we are feeling. Ultimately, at menopause, life catches up to you. Can be experiences from childhood or later, it doesn’t matter, it just matters that it has now affected the mental and possibly physical state of being and needs to be addressed.

*On the positive mental health side – we have now accrued all this beautiful wisdom and experience and want to do something with it! Our kids are older, we may be winding down from a career, but are not ready to wind down and live in retirement like our parents did. We want to take this accrued wisdom and help others.

*We know that not many people are interested in hiring us with our experience because we demand more pay, and there is a slew of young people waiting to be molded at a much lower cost than our experience.
*We also know that when working for others we are limited in income and hours. To truly live life happy many women of wisdom feel the need to be in their own business and create their own future, but its scary. there is an investment of time, of money and the fear of success. This is what this retreat addresses. The goal is for you to be successful, as successful as you want to be, to bond with your group of women, to support each other, to get life coaching for you – to make possible every dream stuck in your head (its your soul’s goal) from monthly income to giving back – mind, body, spirit, health. We do it all. Life is beginning, not ending. here is where you get to use all the wisdom you accrued, with no kids to worry about anymore – its freedom!

Working with Amy in her retreats (by application and acceptance)
Work on your own personal mental health bringing you to a place of peace, joy, success
Work on figuring out your goals – monetary, health, relationships, community and more
Teach you a career in Alternative medicine specializing in Mental Health, Wellness & Happiness