Create Your Perfect Future

Let me help you with your current idea or business OR JOIN ME at one of my Retreats and explore a home-based Entrepreneurial Business in Alternative Medicine.


Individual Business Coaching-– Let’s set an appointment and get started!

Retreat Option- The retreat is designed for women 50+ and is by application and acceptance only.  If you are looking to grow your current business, OR create an at home profitable business in Alternative Medicine, then this is the option for you! We meet 1x month in person or online. 

Alternative Medicine Practitioner Course- The Practitioner course will teach you all you need to know and much more and comes with business coaching. A truly happy life happens when you have a working triangle of mind, body and spirit in balance. 

I have built an amazing business over the years and using the remedies have helped me to breakthrough my fears, my trauma, my anxiety and more. I felt I was directed by a universal spirit to do more, that I needed to get this untapped, incredibly powerful healing out there which I am doing. 

Not only that – the investment in this year long certified business retreat and personal coaching is an investment, one I want you to make back in the first year and make at least 5x your investment and/or more.

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