Healing Depression In Kids Naturally With Flower Remedies

Healing Depression In Kids Naturally With Flower Remedies

For every suicide in young people there are 100 attempts – Children’s Hospital. Depression in kids can be hard to understand and difficult to cure, but flower therapy is a natural and effective remedy. The therapy avoids medication completely and helps calm the mind right from its roots. Results can be seen and experienced instantly, with the first month being the most effective in the process. It works wonders for both children and adults alike to help counter depression.

The increasing rate of suicide in our children is staggering; it is the third-leading cause of death in 15 – 24 year olds in the United States. More alarmingly, it is the fourth-leading cause of death in children between ages 10 and 14. Reports have shown even children as young as 7 have attempted suicide as well.

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I remember my first client was from a mom who had 2 children, and her 8 year old son attempted suicide. Thank goodness he does not deal with those feelings anymore, and how horrible that children even have these thoughts. It was not until I spoke to this client that I first learned how intense the struggles can be – even for our youngest ones.


There is a multitude of factors that our children have to struggle with – and they can stem from birth for some which lead to problems at home, social anxiety and isolation and/or an existing history of trauma that can lead to suicidal thoughts and actions. Sometimes the thoughts can come out of nowhere – many times it rears its head during puberty.

It can be hereditary – parents, grandparents, cousins, siblings – many times it is generational. It can come from peers and bullying. It can be triggered from a trauma in life. There are many reasons- and many reasons that are unknown, as well. It can even go back to birth trauma. It doesn’t matter where it came from – the question is can we help them to heal – the answer is yes.


Based on information from the Children’s Hospital some facts noted-

• For every suicide in young people, there are as many as 100 attempts.
• While an attempt may represent a genuine desire to die, it is often a desperate request for help.
• Suicide is often considered because of intense feelings of being overwhelmed and hopeless.
• Children of both genders, all ages, backgrounds, and cultures are at risk for developing suicidal thinking and behavior.
• Boys are more likely to complete suicide, but girls are more likely to attempt suicide, tell others of an attempt, or feel suicidal.

There are many times we do not even realize our children are struggling with depression, it can be well hidden if they choose it to be.

There are other challenges that some of our children deal with and many parents have no idea where to get help -young adults struggling with hearing voices, anxiety, mind control by voices, suicidal thoughts, desire to hurt themselves and others and find there is no where to turn. Read on –


There are many ways doctors treat depression – typically prescription medications and possibly even hospitalization when recommended. It can be hard for a child also to relate to their doctor or therapist which can sometimes hold them back from reaching out and asking for help or following through with a therapist.

Many parents are having a hard time getting care for their children. As parents, we do not always have the ability to force our kids into care, especially when they are older and parents can feel as helpless as the sufferers – and everyone struggles.


Although you have probably not heard of Botanical Therapy – I have found them to be powerful and safe. I have to say that it was one of my first clients that had this struggle with her kids that moved me to really get out and teach others the intense powers of botanical therapy, flower remedies. I have found them powerful for adults, young adults and children to help intense sadness, voices, no control over their thoughts, help to shut down the brain from constantly thinking when desired.

I have seen results immediately for these and many other feelings we truly have no control over. The most intense healing seems to come in the first month, then a little bit at a time after this – but in that first month – voices settle down much, anxiety can be calmed, sadness can calmed – hopelessness turns into hopefulness.

You begin to get your true life back. I am not a therapist – I am a Practitioner for Emotional Health using botanical therapy to help move you back into emotional/mental balance, live life happy and get back on your path, telling your true story.

The beauty of botanical therapy is they are unique to each person. They are healthy, completely natural, safe and invoke powerful self healing within us.

Flower remedies are well known throughout Europe, and not as popular here – YET! I have been using remedies, working with clients for 10 years and their power to this day, continues to surprise and excite me. Don’t be fooled by the “pansy” name – botanical therapy or flower remedies – their power is unmatched! Do not pass this by – take advantage of a 15 minute complimentary consultation here – I look forward to sharing their intense benefits with you! You can get back your lease on life – and live it your way!

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