Here is how to “Meditate” Your Way, Your Life

Here is how to “Meditate” Your Way, Your Life

To say that the last year  has been an emotional roller coaster is an understatement. While you’re caught up juggling homeschooling your kids, working from home, and having to think about sanitizing your groceries, your anxiety levels may be at a ten. With anxiety you worry about so many things to begin with, and now you have to worry every month about paying your bills and worse than that add the worry of Covid, and with good reason.  You can bring on an intense panic attic with worry alone.

Try this – just for a second, try to forget all of your worries. Take a couple of deep breaths.  Breathe in for 8, hold for 9, breath every last breath out.  Do this a few times.   Do you feel a little better?

Undoubtedly, these are tough times, but incorporating “your” type of meditation into your everyday routine can help you calm some of your anxiety.

Why Meditate Now

Meditation has been with us for hundreds and thousands of years, usually as part of a spiritual practice. Meditation is a proven way to help you quickly manage your anxiety, panic attacks,  stress levels and improve your overall well-being.

Meditation will help you to pay attention and be in the present moment.  One of the methods to meditation is to focus on your breath and simply just breath. Both yoga and meditation encompass various breathing exercises and physical postures to enhance your mental and physical well-being.

How to Meditate Your Way

Meditation is not a one size fits all.  I will share ideas on how you can meditate in a way that fits your lifestyle, and if you struggle with anxiety, to help calm your anxiety a bit.  Here are some tips and ideas to help you start meditating and lower your anxiety and stress levels.

Don’t Complicate It

Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply sit in a comfortable and relaxed position. Pick something to focus on – it can be either something internal such as your breath or something external such as a candle flame. If your mind wanders, bring your attention back to the thing that you are focusing on.

When you are open to “meditation” you open yourself to the ability to hear your soul, hear your guides speak to you with thoughts that will pop into your mind simply to help move you towards living your best life.  When struggling internally with your happiness, your soul is telling you its time to move up in your life, make changes, move to your personal next level in your life and soul blueprint.  When you suppress those feelings, you begin to heighten anxiety and move towards unhappiness.  When you listen to your soul, you begin to lead the life you are meant to.  So meditate your way, below
and hear whats next for you.

Ideas for a Successful Meditation

Many people that struggle with anxiety cannot focus because their brain does not shut off, or you simply cannot sit still, or maybe you just don’t enjoy it.  When you have a hard time sitting still to “meditate” as you are taught it can be stressful just thinking about how it does not work for you.  Here are some ideas to create your meditation your way.

  • Take a walk alone.
  • Walk around the water somewhere,
  • sit in an area you enjoy being in, one that gives you the feeling of joy and/or peace. Somewhere where you can not speak, but be in the quiet, hear the birds, see what is happening around you.
  • Where do you like to be where you can release all the mayhem in your mind? Go there, escape daily.

Make Time for Meditation

Setting time aside every day to practice meditation is an excellent way to start. For instance, you can meditate every morning before other people in your home wake up. In fact, meditating in the morning can help set the tone for the day.   You will notice a feeling of peace.  Even if you take your morning coffee by yourself and just sit – its a beautiful time to enjoy what is around you.  Have alot of things going on, keep a pad close to you and write down what comes to mind so you can let it go.

Designate A Space for Meditation

Choosing a space or room for yourself to just sit (my idea of meditation) can help your body and mind to feel more relaxed and allow you to transition easily into your hectic day.

How To Use Plant Medicine To Help You Meditate and Relieve Anxiety

I use flower remedies, plant medicine that targets our emotional/mental health to bring me back to living my most positive life – my best state of mind.  Extracts given to us by the earth for our mental health all from flowers.  No scent, amazing health benefits for yourself and your family, even your pets!

You can use remedies for anxiety, remedies for meditation, calm your overactive mind, to help bring you back to your most positive state of mind.  They  can help you connect to your guides, open your third eye and calm your overactive mind.  This is the complaint I hear most from so many people.

Carry Mindfulness with You

Before you end your meditation session, have a clear idea of how you are going to live this day.  Your daily plan.  How you want to feel and what your plans are for family.   Notice the way you feel.  Whatever is it that you do, try to take the mindfulness you developed during your meditation with you into the next activity.

And to feel a beautiful boost of joy….

Give Gratitude

No matter where you are in your life right now there is something, many things to be grateful for.  Think about them or write them down.  What are the five – 10 things you are so grateful for in your life.

It’s about living your life, your way.  Don’t feel that to meditate it has to be “by someone else’s model” of what meditation is.   We are individual’s living our life blueprint.  What brings you peace of mind?  That is your model for meditation.

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