How We Work Together


In working with me you can set up a consultation through the website, email me, or you can call. Know that you are entitled if you like to a 15 minute complimentary (free consultation) to see if I can help you or if you want to work together. There is never an obligation.
After our consultation, I will customize a blend to fit your individual needs. This is not one remedy fits all! We work specifically on what you want to change in yourself.

Your personalized remedy last about 3 weeks to 1 month. You will usually notice changes within the first month, but if your metabolism is slower, you may need a little more time. No matter what, don’t worry – you will get there!

“Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them. They stay focused on their past successes rather than their past failures, and on the next action steps they need to take to get them closer to the fulfillment of their goals rather than all the other distractions that life presents to them.”

— Jack Canfield


When you say “I wish I could” you are being told something. There are always ways to get around “feeling stuck.”
With every consultation, our Holistic Healing Practitioners work to define and understand exactly what emotions have become out of balance, and how these things are affecting your ability to succeed, overcome, and thrive.

We do this by asking a series of questions, like:
  • Do you know what you would like to do in your personal life or career life?
  • What are your goals, and how long have you been trying to achieve them?
  • What do you feel are your biggest roadblocks to success?
  • Is there something stopping you from achieving your goals?
  • What would you change in your life if you could?
  • What do you want to keep in your life, or improve upon?
  • Are you happy?

Once we’ve figured out your exact struggles and a blend has been made for you, amazing things begin to happen. You begin to feel a new lease on life, happy, hopeful, excited for the future.

You internally, without thinking about it, begin to achieve your goals. Maybe you are going to school online at night. I had a client that told me she had a 5 year plan, and was shocked by that because she never thought about a five year plan to attain her goals.

You inner self will help you to achieve all you want and work around whats important – family life continuing, bills getting paid, its all inside you.


TAKE OUR QUIZ and determine if a flower remedy may be beneficial for you and your particular struggle.
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