First, what is the definition of “joy?” defines joy as “the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation.”

What an awesome way to live life!  That feeling of deep satisfaction!  But life is not so simple.  We go to school, and at an early age – we have to decide what we want to do with our life.  What is our career goal?  We figure that out – go thru college and eventually – hopefully – happily – we decide on a direction we would like to go in for a career.  Very exciting – this is big – its a huge goal.  You imagine yourself as a motivational keynote speaker or someone in the alternative health field helping anxiety in children or being a consultant for alternative treatments for autism?  Or do you maybe think about becoming a lawyer, doctor, mechanic.

We reach that goal, next is usually – for many – marriage and children.  All goals reached.  You are thirty years old with a family, in your career – then – nothing!  Its ten – twenty years later – and you are so busy working to pay the bills – you forget about goals, passion, happiness.  You just go thru the movements day in and day out supporting your family.  We were not taught to think about – what is next?  There is a small population of people that have their goals mapped out – having a ladder and moving up with an ultimate goal.  But for most, there is none.  Eventually what happens – you become stuck.   


We are not taught to think about our goals throughout life, or what we hope to achieve in this lifetime.  And it changes.  What we wanted at 20 is absolutely not what we want at 50.  In order to be happy, in order to feel joy, it’s important to have a goal, an achievement to reach for.  It affects us on so many different levels!  It brings passion and a desire to work towards something.  It brings self confidence and self worth.  It brings excitement.  It brings a knowing that there is more!   When you have nothing to reach for – the sadness and depression comes.  You may go to a doctor to help with the depression, but is it bringing back your joy?  A pill cannot bring back your joy or take you out of feeling stuck.  Listening to your soul, your intuition, that brings you joy.  What is your next step?  Your next goal?  Even thinking about it can bring an excitement into your life.


Do you have an idea of what you would love to do, but suppress the thought immediately because the negative thoughts come in to take over?  I can’t do that, I have no money, I don’t want to go back to school, I can’t leave my job – I am stuck doing this forever.   These thoughts, these individual thoughts are your future.  Your soul is sharing with you what you should be doing next.  You are not happy, because you are not listening.   Your plan was made before you came into this body.  If you are not following your path by listening to your soul, you will begin to feel stuck, sad, lifeless, passionless.  You will live your life going through the dull routine you are living now.


There are creative ways to get around every challenge.  Life is full of challenges or life is full of problems.  How do you look at your life?  If you look at life as a challenge, in which you will have many more challenges to overcome, which you can – you are looking at the “glass half full.”  If you are looking at your life challenges as problems – you will never have anything you want in this life.  Read this again:  If you are looking at your life challenges as problems – you will never have anything you want in this life.  You will live your life as a victim, accomplishing nothing and not being happy at some point.

When you think to yourself “I wish I can”   or “If I had more money”  or “I will never be able to do it because”…. LISTEN – you are being told your next goal in this lifetime.  Stop squashing your purpose!  Want to feel happy, excited, elated – listen to your soul!  Feel this beautiful elation.  There are a million reasons and excuses for us to not follow our dreams – money, responsibility, children.  It is so easy to be held back and stay in our comfort zone where its safe.  But in order to be happy you have to reach out, go for what you fear, take a chance, move forward.


We all know that change and happiness is an inside job.  But I also know from working with clients for over ten years, that many of us inherit sadness, anxiety, fears, procrastination.  So we have to work even harder to move forward.  God and mother earth have given us great plants for healing our mind, body and soul.  They have an amazing healing power.  Flower remedy therapy, specific plants for specific challenges are powerful, safe, effective.  Medicine for the mind!  Designed to focus on our emotional/mental health and wellness.   It may sound pansy, but don’t underestimate the power of their healing and health benefits.



Its important to understand who we are – First – we are all individuals and what we have between our ears is our most individual and prized possession.  We have our own unique ideas and purpose.  We are not, at all, the same as anyone else.  We may share DNA, but our mind, our thoughts, are our own, and there is no two minds that are alike.  I am totally unique and so are you!  Cherish that, understand that!


So what do you want to do with your life?   Do you have an inner goal or a desire?  Do you need belief in your self – purchase Larch from Bach – brings you back to confidence, self belief, self worth.

Do you want something more but unsure of your goal?  Reach for silver princess from Australian Bush Flower Remedies – order online.

All are under $20 and will be life changing for you.

Do you feel stuck?  Look up Kapok Bush and Bauhinia – is there one that resonates more for you?


Tell me, what is holding you back from living life happy?   Flower Remedy Therapy is an amazing tool, that you can use on your own, no doctors, to move forward in your life, help your children, help yourself.  Its like getting guidance from your soul.  It takes you inward, to the true you to bring out why you are here.  What will make you happy in the phase you are in now, whats next?  The more you research, the more amazed you will be, just like I was.  Flower Remedy Therapy actually took me from the throws of anxiety – bad anxiety – panic attacks, fears, worry, could barely leave me home – back to myself.  I can even travel around the world now for my business – alone!  The benefits are outstanding, your life will become outstanding filled with harmony, peace and health.  Heres to your health!

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