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This is a private Facebook page  “Amy D. Cohen - Living Your Soul’s Life”  where we meet 2x month and share a ton of information such as:

Solutions to family challenges us plant medicine; soul remedies – Abuse, tantrums, anger, fears, anxiety, social anxiety, energy protection, how to get homework done without complaints, trying new things, encouragement, sleep fears, healing, not giving up, stuttering, hearing voices

Beauty – Natural remedies that get rid of wrinkles, shine your skin – that you never heard of and more

Health – how to get rid of fevers without medicine; children’s illnesses, adult illnesses and dis-ease in the body.  How to achieve weight loss goals, how to change eating habits and work out

Life/Soul Coaching – Part of our month is devoted to women/moms – encouraging you to find life purpose if you are looking for it, becoming unstuck, how to create family harmony and balance, how to update your relationship; encouragement; love

Meditation – How to meditate your way and the benefits you receive

Discounts – On everything – from personal consultations, to family courses, practitioner courses, beauty and mind care products

Q & A – Answers to your questions, you post them and I will answer any question on how to help yourself, your children, your relationships

Experts – From time to time I will bring in experts to talk about finances, nutrition and more

Cost is $200 month, you can try the first month free.  You can cancel anytime.

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