Mission & Vision


To teach woman all over the world the power of using plant medicine heal your mind and soul, help our children and families reverse the negative emotional challenges that create trauma and chaos within families and help women to continually grow and move forward following their own life path, raising consciousness and growing in relationships and life. Its about finding and staying on your journey. Plant medicine, flower remedies, keeps you on your journey to help you get through any trauma and challenge to stay in sync with your souls path.

To help women create the life they want using the power of soul medicine, flower remedies and life/soul coaching for quick change.

To help children using flower remedies to bring them to their best self and resolve the challenges and trauma they have incurred, whether the challenge just began or going back possibly to birth.


We spend the first 20 years of our life listening to our parents, doing what everyone is supposed to do. Going to school, decide a career and study. The next thing to do is get married, have kids and buy a home. And for the most part, our goals end there.

Nobody talks about what happens next? For most, we never thought that far ahead. So we have kids, begin living in structure, because its what our kids need and eventually, over time, we begin to lose ourselves and just juggle. Whether is working outside the home or in the home life becomes almost the same for all of us. Boring, routined, nothing to look forward to except alot of years doing what our parents did, raise the next generation and in the process, losing who we are.

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