The holidays are upon us, and for us moms our stress and anxiety teeters on the edge of madness! As well as needing a village of moms to help each other, we need a small arsenal of products to keep us healthy mentally, physically and spiritually especially if you have kids in school from Nursery to College! I keep all of these at home, and I have another that I travel with and always had a travel bag that went with my husband when traveling on business in and out of the country. Here are my recommendations.

1. Arsenicum Album.
Fantastic for stomach issues, food poisoning, nervousness, restlessness, anxiety (not be taken regularly for anxiety). 30C is a good potency and can take 3-4x daily. (5 balls) For children, give one dose and decide on next dose, as needed. MUST HAVE FOR TRAVEL.

2. Acidophilus/Probiotics
In fact, my kids started taking this daily in pre-school. When everyone else was sharing stomach viruses, my kids stayed healthy. Helps with stomach aches, digestion, nausea. We even take when not feeling so great or feel like we are getting sick.

3. The third is GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) by Nutrabiotic.
Its a natural antibiotic. It has helped us for toothaches, infections, sickness…anything that is contagious. Its like taking an antibiotic and really helps right away usually. I usually mix it in thick drinks like orange juice or chocolate almond milk where the bitter flavor is hidden. Do not mix in grapefruit juice and that is what the product is made of and will be too potent. I dont give to young kids, but keep it for us adults. The minute you start to feel like we may be getting ill, take it a few times daily.

4. Emergency Remedy or Rescue Remedy
For many issues – when the kids are acting out because they are tired, or fighting. When a tantrum is being thrown. If they are fearful to try something, if they need any kind of calming, Calms us all fairly quickly.

5. Calendula gel
Great gel for burns, scrapes, rashes, cuts, sunburn. Helps to heal quickly. Never put over stitches as it works so quickly it will heal right over stitches! When a burn occurs, put under room temp water and put calendula and most times will help to not get blister and heal quickly.

6 & 7. Zinc and Vitamin D
I use these 2 vitamins when it feels like a cold or flu may be coming on. Taking one of each daily when you feel something coming on will cut it off in its tracks.

8. Oscillococcinum
This is a homeopathic flu remedy. If you begin to feel like you are getting the take your first of 3 doses. You take 1 dose every 7 hours. Works fantastic! You can find all these products at your local health food store.

9. Flower Remedies/Spray
Fears, Anxiety, Anger, Travel, Meditation, Confidence – To clear and reverse your emotional challenges, feelings, behaviors, bring true happiness and success back into your life – no matter what the issue.

F=Findhorn flower essences; FES=FES essences; B=Bach Flowers A=Australian Bush Flower Essences

ANXIETY (if bad, use all 3) – Daisy(F), Chamomile (FES), Rose Water Lily (F)
CONFIDENCE – Larch (B); Five Corners (A)
ENERGY PROTECTION (use all 3) – Fringed Violet (A); Yarrow (FES); Dog Rose Wild Forces (A)

10. Cell SaltsLook them up – I truly believe these saved my son from a life with asthma
Choose what you need. Cell salts are made from the twelve minerals essential to your body’s functions. They include forms of calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, iron, and silica which work at the cellular level. Deficiencies in these minerals are the source of common health problems and the Cell Salts derived from these minerals give the body what it needs to treat illness and be well. Cell Salts bring balance and health to muscle tissue and overall cell function restoration. There is also “BioPlasma” which is a small dosage of all the salts together that is easy to travel with.

Use the flower remedies to stay mentally and emotionally fit. This comes first. When you are emotionally balanced, and life takes us out of balance many times in our lifetime, many times during the day – our life is organized. When out of balance it takes us out of an organized and happy, positive life. Its like when you are on a plane – get the oxygen mask on yourself first – so you can take care of your family – your way – peace, joy, happiness, harmony.

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