On The Spectrum – Using Flower Remedies For The Symptoms And Not The Diagnosis

On The Spectrum – Using Flower Remedies For The Symptoms And Not The Diagnosis


We are taught to find the diagnosis to any ailment suffered. The more moms I work with – the more I hate the word “diagnosis.” I know when something is not right with our children, we want to find to find the answer that will bring them back to feeling healthy, feeling happy. And we have always been taught – find the “diagnosis.” I understand this for physical challenges.

It makes total sense, but for mental wellness, our emotional health – the symptoms have become so broad, I have parents calling me they think they are on the spectrum, having autism or aspergers. I am seeing that it is becoming a detriment, instead of a benefit and I will share why, and why flower remedies will be your new “go to”

In holistic medicine, also known as alternative medicine, its about the symptoms and where they originated. We are always looking for safe ways, natural remedies to help our family. When someone contacts me and wants to work together for their child, I get the diagnosis first thing from the mom. Its what we, as moms are taught – look for the diagnosis.

But for me, thats the last thing I need. What I want first – are the symptoms. What is it that affects your child in a negative way. Is there anxiety, fears, anger, sadness, hating school, worries what others think? What are the symptoms that may be holding your child back.

You have a diagnosis that your child is “on the spectrum.” It could be autism or maybe Aspergers. Next step is finding out all the different areas that help. There is no pill to help the emotional/mental challenges of autism or aspergers.


There are different medicines to handle physical challenges. For emotional/mental challenges, you can play with flower remedies understanding they cannot hurt you or call a certified Practitioner. We will ask about your child’s personality, and that will lead to the correct remedies and blend. Is she/he struggling with anxiety, feeling anxious, having difficulty in groups of people, for instance?

I will treat him/her as I would any other child or adult. I will make him a remedy blend using flower remedies, probably mixing Bach Flower Essences, Australian Bush Flower Essences, possibly FES or Findhorn remedies.

The correct blend will be customized for your child.


Now, you can do this yourself. You can experiment with different flower remedies also known as flower essences. They are safe, powerful yet gentle. You can use them even when on medication. Many people know essential oils, it is not the same. They both come from plants flower remedies have no scent and are well known throughout Europe.

You are going to choose a flower remedy based on the symptoms you want to see reversed. Flower remedies are quite amazing in their power! When we exhibit a negative state of mind, or negative behaviors or negative feelings – our spirit, our soul is alerting us we are not in a balanced state of mind. When not in a balanced positive state of mind, we move into a negative place.

Use flower remedies to get back to the real you, to your positive state of mind. Remember that being diagnosed “On The Spectrum” will be helped using flower remedies.


Our Book “On The Spectrum is a Family Affair” How Parents Can Use Plant Medicine to Powerfully Take Control of Their Families Mental Health,will go into detail on many different remedies to use for your child. It will also share remedies for your relationship and for your entire family. The book addresses different challenges.

It will help school issues like focus and getting homework done . The book is out on Amazon now, but next week we are offering a one day purchase for $.99 on kindle – If you subscribe to our email on our site you will be reminded when it will be available to download.


Here I want to address some of the challenges your child on the spectrum may be struggling with, or any other child in your household for that matter. Know that you can order remedies online, add 7 drops to any drink 2x day and watch the changes over a short period of time move from a negative to a positive state of mind. Really, all you are doing is getting back into balance- the real you is coming back out!

Use flower remedies, from anything from lack of confidence, anxiety, sadness, anger, aggressiveness to disconnectedness, co-dependence to joyfulness, outgoing, positive, and more.

Confidence – Use Larch from Bach flower Essences or Five Corners from Australian Bush Flower Remedies. This can be used for anyone, including adults in the household, even animals!

Social Anxiety – Kangaroo Paw from Australian Bush Flower Remedies or Golden Yarrow from FES Flower Essences.

Anger – Willowherb from Findhorn Flower Essences, Mountain Devil from Australian Bush Flower Remedies

Sadness/Feeling of Not Belonging – Tall Yellow Top – Used for sadness and feeling that you don’t belong from Australian Bush Flower Remedies

Shyness/Fears – Mimulus from Bach Flower Essences or Dog Rose from Australian Bush Flower Remedies will help with daily fears and shyness

I find that most children are very intuitive, and therefore, are very sensitive to others energy and it is very important to protect them from others energy. Here are some great remedies –

Activity Around You – BusySchools/Stores/Home Disharmony – Dog Rose of the Wild Forces Wild Dog from Australian Bush Flower Remedies and Fringed Violet from Australian Bush Flower Remedies and I recommend both.

There are many more flower remedies, flower essences (they are the same, but people use both phrases) to choose from. Just remember you cannot hurt anyone using flower remedies and their power is truly amazing!

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