We all know that achieving our goals is based on mindset.  What we believe, we can achieve.    And if you do not believe this, you will never achieve this.  We also know as adults that consistently staying in a positive mindset can be brutal!  Its a lot of work, and sometimes its easier to just stick with where we are and what we know.  Mastering our minds takes minute to minute supervision- by our mind, our thoughts.  Is it possible, that we have “medicine for the mind?”  I mean, we do have medicine for the body, right?  And the answer is yes, God and the earth has provided “medicine for the mind.”  Plant Medicine, flower remedies.


Self Development. is defined as “the act or process of developing; growth; progress.”  Having goals equals happiness and enthusiasm.   We have to have goals, have purpose to continually move forward.  Its the journey that keeps us happy.   When we attain the goal, we need a next one!   We continually need to work on our mind and our spirit, the same way we work on our body.   Our thoughts emanate back out to the universe in a negative or positive way.  If we feel good, its positive.  If its a negative feeling or complacency – that emanates back to the universe as well – and complacency – its stuckness.

If your doctor could prescribe a pill that can bring back your happiness, but there is a cost –  negative side effects would you take it?  Many of us do because there is nothing like that feeling of euphoria!  Its like making a deal with the devil.  The desire for happiness in our lives may outweigh the effects of the medication.  But does the pill make us happy, or just not think?


Don’t get me wrong, thank goodness for doctors, hospitals, researchers and the amazing technology and brilliance of many to help us to live longer, stronger lives and cure disease.   They are using plants, and have for many years, to help illness and diseases of the body.

If we could wish for something like to be happy, without side effects – does it make you laugh, like that could never happen.   It did me, how sad.  I cannot believe that I could actually think like that.  Then I realized, for all the years that many people worked towards trying to feel better, trying one pill to another, everything that is out there from doctors, we absolutely lose our belief that we can be better.  What is the ultimate dream?  To be able to reach for something when we are not feeling our mental best and reverse it.  It doesn’t seem like it should be so hard, but from trying pill after pill, you are programed to believe it cannot happen.  I want to share with you that it can – taking liquid extract to bring you back to yourself (because yourself is your happy place – doing what you are meant to), no side effects.  Its not a dream, and not farfetched, and not expensive.  You can have this.  But its up to you to make the first move to be open to the possibility like I was.  And please understand – I am not here to sell you anything, I don’t sell individual flower remedies, I am sharing great information with you.

Are you ready to go beyond what you know and learn about “medicine for your mind?”  Plant medicine, flower remedies are known throughout Europe.   Not well known here in the states yet – this is my job, my purpose-to get it out there.  To hopefully inspire, and definitely  educate you on the power of flower remedies.  To help you to understand that with this “medicine for the mind,” you can feel positive and achieve all you want, which is ultimately the way you are supposed to feel. To achieve the goals you came here for – this lifetime to accomplish!   I hope to generate in you a flutter of hopefulness and enough excitement to learn how you can change your personal world, and your family’s world – just by simply using what has been provided to us.  Taking what you need for your individual challenge and leaving the rest. There is no “one size fits all.”

Take a minute, get a pad of paper.  I want you to think about where you are in your life in this moment, are you happy?  Are you and  your family living the harmonious life you want?  What does that harmonious life look like?   What is it you want to change for each person?  Write it down.  What do you want for yourself, for your children, for your partner, for your animals that you are not experiencing now?  More confidence, easier homework time, not giving up easily, anger & rage replaced with calm and happiness, sexier relationship, different career, not worrying about what others think, relieving your anxiety, depression?  What do you believe is holding you back from living life truly happy?  Are you living your purpose or just living day to day?  Do you have inner questions you cannot answer, find it hard to make decisions?  Hate your job?  Do you have purpose anymore?  You reached a goal do you have another, do you need more money, want to lose weight?

When we live life joyfully, we feel euphoric, don’t you think? 

I am not here to sell you, as I said earlier, I don’t sell these products – I consult if there are major challenges in your family and teach courses to become a Practitioner.  You can go on your own to your health food store – so there is no hidden agenda here – the absolute desire to share with women how you can take control of the happiness of your family.  We choose what we buy, who stays in business, we take care of our kids and family – so my goal is to create a movement of women helping women, helping our children – sharing the knowledge I have learned to simply live life happy.  And the more chaos your family is in, the quicker you will see results!


Flower remedies are simple and inexpensive to use, do not interfere with medication.  We were not raised to believe that feeling happy can be so simple and that we can do our own preventative medicine, but that we are raised to go to doctors, get a pill, feel better, or feel complacent and thats enough.  But is it really?

Are you ready to take control of your own happiness?  Are you ready to go beyond what you know, or will you stay in what he have been taught to believe all our lives.  Do you believe the possibility or do you prefer to not believe and remain where you are, for the rest of your life? Totally your  choice, does not affect me at all.  But if you are open to the possibility that we have been provided with all we need to help the dis-ease in our body, our mind and our spirit- you will soar!  You will get to experience every awesome feeling, total positivity, belief in self, enthusiasm to reach your goals of happiness.  It will just come when you begin using the remedies.  Without side effects you can find your confidence again, relieve your stress and overwhelm, relieve (yes, relieve) your anxiety and take back control of your life, achieve every goal and thought in your head.   Happiness and success does not have to come with a price tag of side effects.   I am telling you that if you are willing to go beyond what you know, you can have everything you want, and everything you want- is why you are here on this earth.


Plants provide beauty, they provide food (plant based diets heal illness), so of course they would provide medicine too!  Do you believe that God has provided all we need  for shelter, for food.  How can we believe that healthy medicine from the earth would be any less powerful than anything we can create in the lab?  I believe its because we have been taught that if its not “medicine” as we know it, its not powerful enough.   Well, when I was struggling with anxiety I had no control over my own life.  Medication got me to the stores and not having a panic attack, but I still was not living my life, just trying to get through each day.  It was plant medicine, flower remedies – that ultimately relieved my anxiety, cleared up the fog, brought me to my purpose and gave me back my control and my happiness.  Who would have thunk it!!  And I do believe that it is my calling, my job, my duty to bring it to as many women as possible so they don’t have to suffer, whether its personal suffering, handling family suffering – that YOU can control the emotional/mental health of your family if you go beyond what you know.

There are flower remedies out there for challenges on every level for us – for something simple as sibling rivalry, tantrums, (many mentioned above challenges), abundance and fears to mind challenges that become physical issues like anxiety and more.  There are remedies that go even further to help align chakras, connect to your higher power, enlightenment, bring out your inner love and peace.  Its never ending.  There are plants all over the world, and each have their own signature for health and wellness.   Whats your mental health goal look like?


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