Positive Life Comes from a Positive Mind, You Can Have This Back, I Promise!

Positive Life Comes from a Positive Mind, You Can Have This Back, I Promise!

Our thoughts are very powerful.. Your reality – everything that happens in your life – is a reflection of your thoughts. By changing your thoughts, you automatically change your reality. If you are living in a life of I cannot do it, then you won’t do anything to change it. If you believe you can change it, then you will. Take a little test – think about something you wish you can accomplish but are not. What are your thoughts – I wish I could, but I can’t.

Now – try this. Think – what it is you want to accomplish and think or say out loud: I want to accomplish this by this date, what are the steps I need to take to do this. What is the feeling inside your body, your mind? Do you feel more positive, a but happier, empowered?

Life is about consistent bumps in the road that can take us from our positive space back to the negative. Its up to us to get us back to that right state of mind – our positive self.

Are you ready to transform your challenges into opportunities? Are you ready to turn negative beliefs about yourself into positive goals? This is the secret of successful people.


Do you remember when you were triggered into your negative place? Usually it is from something that happened, a specific time in our life, and it did not change from there. When was that? Was it always there? Could even be inherited. Sometimes it’s good to know, but not a “must know.” Know that this negative space you are living in just says you are out of emotional balance – which comes from a trigger above. Now how do you get back to your true positive self – positive state of mind? There are a few very simple ways. And if you are willing to go beyond what you know, you will be very excited and feel change immediately!


First – we have “earth medicine” as I call it. We have been given great medicine from the earth that focuses on our emotional/mental health and wellness. It comes from plants and flowers – flower remedies, flower extracts. Each plant (and you can look up your symptoms and the corresponding remedy) has a specific health target. Lack confidence? Look at Larch, look at Five Corners, look at Bell Heather. Taking a few drops daily, yes, that’s all, will turn you back to your confident self.


Do you live in your negative patterns? You want to lose weight and have decided to start exercising every day. After your first training, you pull a muscle and can’t exercise for a few days. What will you do? Are you going to go back to your old thinking pattern and see that as a sign that you just can’t do it? Are you going to quit? Or you are going to react differently – changing that negative pattern and begin again. Here is your bump in the road. Want to continue on the road to positivity, or give up?

If you are, however, ready to push through, on to positivity, you will start noticing new possibilities in your life. When every obstacle is perceived as a chance to learn something new, to improve yourself, to be a better, happier, and healthier person, it ceases to be an obstacle. You will understand that there’s no need to stress about things. If something isn’t going according to your plan, the purpose of that bump in the road is to push you in the right direction. You can decide whether that obstacle is only a minor difficulty or something that will ruin your plans. You hold all the power in your hands. Positive thinking will help you develop strategies for dealing with problems. Use what the earth has so graciously provided to make it easy for us.


Now you can begin smiling and improve your overall mood and outlook on life, and begin to feel grateful. What are you thankful for, what makes you happy – write it down. It will improve your mood and bring joy.

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We know now that positivity directly affects your health. The health benefits produced by optimism include reduced levels of stress and depression, as well as improved immunity. Optimism can even increase your life span!

You are the only person that can be in control of your thoughts and beliefs around your strengths and desires. When you start doubting yourself and negative thoughts appear, use the remedies that will help you reverse the negative and bring back your positive state of mind. Observe obstacles as learning opportunities and use them for personal growth. With the right mindset, you can overcome every obstacle and create exactly the life you want. You make your own reality. A happy and healthy life is the result of a positive mind. So, take charge of your thoughts today!

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