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Are there 10 remedies you would like to use for your child on the spectrum and for yourself and your family as well? 

Choose your 10 remedies to keep in your home to reach for when you are not feeling your best, or your child(ren) are having a tough day to turn around their state of mind, their attitude –  simply, powerfully, effectively.

I am currently working on this page and an order form because I am getting so many requests to help you get the remedies as well.  If you know the 10 remedies you want and want me to order and send to you, send an email to me at amycohen@strongestminds.com.

If you need help choosing remedies, write to amycohen@strongestminds.com explaining what you would like remedies for and I will help you choose.   And right now, you can order through email and I will send an invoice asap.

The cost for a ten remedy pack is about $150 depending on what you choose.  After choosing, I will send an invoice.

Again, any questions, please feel free to contact me at amycohen@strongestminds.com – I am happy to answer!



On the Spectrum Challenges are a Family Affair

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