Getting Our Kids Ready to Succeed In School

Getting Our Kids Ready to Succeed In School

School is a time of major change for our kids. For some is great excitement to see friends, new teachers, but for others it can be a source of major mental stress, anxiety and fears. Every day can be daunting to get kids ready for school.

What do you do about the everyday struggles that come up- shyness, fears, feeling judged, lack of confidence and our personal challenges that can create morning tantrums and stress on homelife? For some, these are large scale emotions that cripple our ability to function, and they do prevent us from experiencing things fully on a positive and successful level.

I know for all the years of the struggle, you think nothing can change it, you have tried therapy, medication, you tried it all. Believe it or not (as I learned myself) you can head off these obstacles at the pass, bring positivity and help your child to forget the fears and enjoy school like most others – they just need a little mental/emotional boost – and you can do it for them – simply, easily and powerfully! Trust me, try it, then write me!


Many times when your child is acting out with such fears until he gets into the school – many parents don’t realize that this is usually anxiety. I have seen it time and time again. There are remedies in plant medicine to help you reverse this – its a sign of imbalance which could have come from anywhere – going back as far as a difficult pregnancy, a difficult birth, trauma early on, etc. Anxiety alone can cause you to live a different life, change your story. One word that has become so generic can truly have a negative impact on our entire life, and for those that struggle, or have struggled (as I did) we can be ruled by it. You may have asked your child why they are so scared to go to school and they probably cannot tell you why…its just inside them, no clue, no reason, just is. For others – worry about being liked, feeling judged, am I stupid, will.

These are entirely normal experiences and emotions, but it’s important to recognize those emotions for what they are: limiting and reversible.

If you’d like to not be limited, you’ll need to apply the truest version of yourself to your new experience. This means branching out a little, being brave, and reversing negative thoughts. To stay balanced even when your emotions seem all over the place, why not try to:

  • Start a conversation with someone first. Ask your child to go up to someone who seems scared and alone and say “hello!” If they choose to do it, and they will think about it when in the cafeteria, or lining up, it will bring out a beautiful confidence inside them. Just mention it to them as an idea – let them take it from there.
  • Take a class that scares you a little bit. Do you avoid public speaking? Are you freaked out at the thought of dissecting frogs in biology? Take a class that seems a little out of your comfort zone. By controlling the new situations you encounter, you’ll see that you are more capable than you know
  • Give yourself some quiet time. School can be loud and overwhelming. This can be draining, so give yourself downtime alone. Your mind will thank you for it.
  • Plant Medicine Help. Shared below

These are little practices that might seem insignificant, but they flex those “emotional” muscles that can be affected by school chaos. Start off on the best playing field,you can, add flower remedies to your daily emotional practice. They are plant extracts given to us by the earth for emotional and mental state of mind. They will take you from a negative to who you truly are in your balanced state of mind – your positive self.

Emotions like shyness and fear are natural. A little bit of either one can help you grow in new situations, but a lot of either can be damaging to your emotional and mental wellbeing. If you’d like to get back to your most positive state – take a look at these extracts to use for yourself and your family, even if on medication – these extracts will take you to your most positive.


Fears/Shyness – Mimulus from Bach Flower Remedies (health food store) or Dog Rose from Australian Bush Flower Essences (order online)
Confidence – Larch from Bach Flower Remedies or Five Corners from Australian Bush Flower Essences
Crowds – Kangaroo Paw from Australian Bush Flower Essences (social anxiety) and Fringed Violet for energy protection in crowds
Stress/Overwhelm – Elm from Bach Flower Remedies
Help with Studying and Hard Courses – Not giving up – Kapok Bush from Australian Bush Flower Essences

Instead of waiting for school to totally overwhelm you, add plant medicine, flower extracts to your day. You can actually help reverse those negative challenges that hold you back from living life happy and balance your emotions and mental state gently, safely, powerfully and profoundly! Notice how you feel before taking the remedy(ies) and how you feel weekly after you begin using. You will notice moving from fears, negative thoughts to positivity and joy!

Just put 7 drops 2x day in any of your drinks, in a spray around your body and on your wrists, or put the drops right in your mouth, there are no chemicals. You’ll also be able to address huge events or tough situations with a clear mind and happy heart!

If you want to learn more – schedule an appointment and I will answer any questions about you or your family – never an obligation!

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