As a Practitioner of Emotional Health, I prefer to call depression what it truly is: sadness. It can be deep sadness that seeps into your bones and your mind where it where it is hard to pull yourself out of bed. Or a sadness that I refer to as joyless – passionless, a loss of lust for life, going through the motions every day, but not really feeling joy, forgetting what used to bring you laughter and excitement.

Your mind is telling you that you need something more to heal the illness of deep sadness, or bring you back to passion in your life.

When you feel this way, this is your inner self telling you, its time for more, time to get to the next level of your life.

No one has come to live on this earth, in our chosen body to live with daily sadness or pain; nobody. And for those of you who think, there is reason for this, and this is the life you are meant to live, you are not; you are just feeling hopeless

This is not the plan chosen for you, or anyone else for that matter, and don’t ever think it is.


We are here for a purpose, a beautiful purpose chosen by us before we came here. Every one of us struggles in our lifetime, has trauma. We are supposed to learn from our struggle, heal the trauma and move on to tell our story or to continue the path we came here for, not stay stuck in sadness. But for many of us – we don’t “just heal”. We struggle, our story changes, and we cannot find our way back to who we truly are, then become hopeless.

This is not your future, you are not stuck. There is a way out, as there was for me, and many others. It may be different than you or I thought – we relied on medication – but if that didn’t work for you, come to us, you have nothing to lose, and much to gain! Investigate what a powerful customized blend of plant extracts from all over the world can do for you.

Read the testimonials, the case studies, call below for your free consultation and get excited!

As you use your remedy and you begin to feel yourself moving forward, life begins to change for you. Your thoughts begin to move towards the positive side, you begin to want to get out of bed, get motivated.

As you begin to heal you will begin to investigate your creative side, begin thinking about what made you happy and search out these things. It happens naturally, nothing for you to even think about as you move forward using the correct remedies. When the remedy takes you to a place of “shift” as I call it, you suddenly being able to function in daily life, begin to think positively and, as the sadness lifts, you begin to feel hopeful again, and your true self comes starts peeking through the blackness.

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And it will feel great

What are your specific symptoms of sadness?
What parts of your life have been affected?
Is your sadness inherited, or does anyone else in your family struggle with sadness as well?
How do you want to feel?

Joyless is different, its not sadness, its just a passionless feeling.

Nothing exciting you anymore, life is routine, marriage is routine – garbage out, dog walked, kids on the bus, go to work.

Nothing to bring out your lust for life. That is joylessness. Life can become routine, but we don’t have to live in it. there are great remedies to bring out your sensual side, bonding in a relationship, explore new things you may want to, but have not, finding your creative side in dancing or writing….whatever is inside of you that is supposed to happen, will.

There are great customized blends for you too!

We want you to know that everyone is here for a purpose and once all the minutia in front of you is cleared, your true purpose will come out. Many people who struggled intensely prior to using our remedies discover just how well they work in treating sadness. They believe in these remedies so much that they end up, like me, working to become practitioners.

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  • Chaotic
  • Intensely sad
  • No confidence or self esteem
  • No self worth, self love
  • Lackluster (no passion, no lust for life)
  • Like you can’t leave your house​
  • Struggle the same as others in your family
  • Unable to get out of bed
  • Going through the motions
  • No enthusiasm
  • No lust for life
  • Like you just can’t live like this any more…
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