I haven’t heard of any specific medications out there people are sharing to keep you safe during this pandemic, and I am not going to say that using these products will keep you safe or heal you.   

Again last night, for the third time since this outbreak within 2 weeks of going out, I became sick.  Bad stomach, great nausea, shortness and constriction of breath, overall body  ache with sharp pains going through my heart and throat (not many, but noticeable). I not feeling well at all.  It began in the afternoon with my body beginning to ache, then by evening I was just sick.    Was it the beginning of the virus? Who knows.  And I don’t want to speculate.  I just want to share based on my knowledge and experience of the symptoms (I feel totally better now, but will be taking these remedies for a good week or more), with my experience as a holistic practitioner and teacher,  the remedies I took to help me to feel better and these remedies should be in everyone’s pantry – in general.   I   

I have an e-report  I will send out on social media in a few days that lists the 10 products to keep in your pantry for your family’s wellness and when travel.  


GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) by Nutrabiotic .   A must have in your pantry!   I like the liquid drops.  It tastes bitter, but I find it works quicker and I feel better, than the pills.  It is a staple in my house.  Anytime someone begins to feel sick they get GSE.  It has so many powerful benefits for our physical body.  Its a natural antibiotic and much much more.  Look it up, read about all its benefits and keep it at home.  I don’t give it to small kids – and they wont take it – its bitter,  but I began using it for my kids when they were a little older.    

I  use it when I feel like I may be coming down with something,  especially with all that is happening right now.  There have been times I have started to feel  ill – be it my throat hurting or burnings (which is a new sensation for me – burning), toothache, coming down with a cold or virus, sneezing or generally just not feeling great – this has helped me, pretty quickly.  There are many uses for it, look it up.   You can take a few drops (read their instructions) in orange juice (not grapefruit because it comes from grapefruit).   I take this with me when I travel for business or pleasure, always have it in my home and even add it to my toothbrush with toothpaste!  Its an amazing product!  

Do your research, you will want order and keep it in your house.   At the first sign of not feeling great – take it!



BIOPLASMA CELL SALTS.   If you don’t know the power of cell salts, this is your lucky day!  They are great for children, pets and adults and also work amazingly fast.  Cell salts are actually minerals for the body.  Based on your illness, there is a salt that you are probably deficient in that will help and relieve.   They are sweet tasting tiny pills that and are easy for your kids to take.  Whether its a sore throat, cold, cough,   (so many different things) you can look up the symptom and take the correct salt 3-4 times day just by popping in your mouth.  They are very unique in that you can use them as well for cleansing your blood and so much more.   It is an amazing product.   I believe this is one of the remedies that actually saved my son when he had pneumonia 3x by 9 months old.   Once he was given cell salts by my holistic practitioner, he never had pneumonia again, ever!  Also a staple in my house. I actually have all 12 cell salts, but to make it easy, you can order bioplasma by Hylands which is a mixture of  all 12 cell salts.  Look them up online.   You can find simple books on cells salts to keep in the house to look up what you need when someone in your home becomes ill.  Very simple….very healthy…..very powerful…… very quick!  

MAGNESIUM PHOSPHORIC 30c.   For me right now, the Mag Phos is not something I normally need, just notice that I am needing it now for my throat and when I begin to not feel well.  One of my symptoms, which is not a regular symptom for me was the feeling  of constriction in my throat, dry throat, shortness of breath. I became nervous and tried this and it worked great for me.   I put 5 balls (they are tiny balls- its a homeopathic remedy) in a bottled water and drink throughout the day for a few days.   

PROBIOTICS.  Anytime my stomach is not feeling great or I am nauseous, I take it.  There are times I take it more than once a day.   When my kids began school, they were always getting sick.  I began giving them chewable and illnesses from school really calmed down.

CHARCOAL.   Charcoal is something I don’t always use, but when your stomach is so bad you cannot get off the bathroom floor, and you are not sure if you are going to go to the bathroom in your pants or throw up –  take this.   It soaks everything up in your stomach, including nutrients so you don’t want to use it all the time.  But it really helped.  And its usually immediate.


RESCUE REMEDY &  DAISY- Mental Health.   In general we are affected by life around us daily.  Some times worse than others, like now.   Its important to stay grounded and help yourself and your family to handle everything around you without falling into the trap that others build made of fears and craziness.  

Rescue Remedy by Bach Flower Essences and Daisy by Findhorn used together (extracts you add to any drink or create a spray) will help you to get through the trauma of what is going on, feel inner peace and grounded when everyone around you is going crazy.  You will be still, making good choices based on whats good for you and your family. 

Heres to staying safe, feeling healthy mentally and physically so you can live your life happy.   Always there for you my friends.  



Amy D. Cohen, is a an Alternative Health Practitioner specializing in Mental Health & Wellness, using powerful plants medicine/flower remedy extracts from around the world that target our mental state of mind and well being.  You can see her on TV,  hear her on top radio stations and she speaks throughout the U.S.   She is a Certified Practitioner, consultant, speaker, best selling author, and teacher of a masterclass in Alternative Medicine.  Her website is  Amy maintains a consulting practice in Illinois, and does telephone consultations worldwide.  She can be emailed at [email protected]; or skype amy.c.50 or phone at 847-250-7664.    

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