SPECTRUM CHALLENGES ARE A FAMILY AFFAIR How To Help The Whole Family Using Plant Medicine

SPECTRUM CHALLENGES ARE A FAMILY AFFAIR How To Help The Whole Family Using Plant Medicine

We experience it all the time. When a child or an adult struggles who is diagnosed “on the spectrum” – everyone in the family is effected. It is felt and it is experienced. We all so want to help right?

Grandmothers, which make moms crazy, husbands want to help – but need to be told what to do, so….we reach out to other moms!

Everything I have learned in working with children and adults on the spectrum I have learned from moms and their search for answers through various organizations, friends and more


My first client, when I was new to the remedies, called with a story that was a true testament to what these remedies can do. She had a child in uncontrollable rage and suicidal at 8 years old.Her younger son diagnosed on the spectrum. He sat under a desk and did no work, nor did his teachers work with him Her story.

Through working with her and learning more of what these amazing flower remedies, plant medicine can do, a slew of moms came to me. It was a learning experience for us all because I was in the process of being wowed myself with plant medicine by using flower remedies for moms and their children and seeing the results.

In the process, I was also learning that as moms, including myself, we run and constantly search for a diagnosis. The truth is, as I worked with clients over time, I realized the diagnosis means nothing, its the symptoms and where they came from that if plant medicine can help, will bring each and every one of us back to our true self, to live our true story.

And the more I used flower remedies for the symptoms of autism and aspergers, the more I was impressed by what they did to reverse negative symptoms and a negative state of mind. Why plant medicine, flower remedies?


The diagnosis “On the Spectrum” means nothing to me, the symptoms that your particular child or adult child is struggling with – that does. How it affects the family unit, how he/she lives in the world, how each person in the family struggles with their own challenges and experiences and their own personal thoughts surrounding their family life, that does.

These are the things, the symptoms, that help me to decide what flower remedies are needed. You treat on an individual basis.

When a person comes to me with a diagnosis of their child – be it autism, aspergers, behavior challenges, addictions, sadness or anxiety – its the symptoms I want to hear about.

What is happening in your child’s life that is detrimental – fears?



Social anxiety?

Many time others in the family should be on remedies as well. Any problem in the family, that affects the entire family is a family affair and changes the tone of family harmony. Then as moms, there is guilt when those thoughts come into our head of “I didn’t sign up for this.”

You can see there is just this trickle down effect as a grip is lost on peace, joy and calm within the family and many times, not all, mom is handling and juggling it all

From working with moms all over the world, and as individuals- we are not only working with our children on the spectrum, aspergers, anxiety, social anxiety and more, we are dealing with what is inherited as well generationally and who we are as moms, and our own individual personal struggles with has impact on how we deal with our children.

We are all human and amateurs at being moms and way to hard on ourselves.


When I was first writing a book on flower remedies, I was going in a totally different direction. But I was taught by you, by moms, what was truly needed. I had the remedies that I see work amazing for your child on the spectrum.

Plant medicine, flower remedies are needed for the entire family in order to really see a change towards positivity, joy, success for everyone – a healthy state of mind. So this small handbook was designed with just that in mind. Flower remedies for your child on the spectrum and his/her specific needs, but also there are chapters on relationships for parents. Remedies that can help with bonding, opening up, romance and for the rest of the family – siblings -jealousy, school challenges and more.


Be willing to go beyond what you know and truly believe that you can take control of your family’s emotional/mental health. You can have the life you desire, you deserve and the same for your children. You will find many articles on my site sharing remedies of a few different brands of remedies that I think are fantastic.

You also have the book I wrote specifically for children and adults on the spectrum sharing many different remedies.It cannot be helped by just one brand of remedies.There are many individual challenges we all, as humans, may struggle with.

Here is one article sharing stories using one brand of remedies. Its all about getting into balance from the traumas we go though or are born with that changes us in a moment.

Do you believe that we have been provided all we need on this earth to thrive and feel happiness and on purpose?

We have. Trust me, please, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

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