When I work with children or adults it not about the “diagnosis” itself. Your child may be on the spectrum, yet exhibits different symptoms from another child diagnosed on the spectrum. First we look at the challenges in your particular situation – the negative behaviors and/or feelings your child may be struggling with, and you, the parent for that matter. The tone of the household, the relationship with your child is based on how you both interact together. Then we look at the symptoms that need to change for their best interest.

When communication is difficult, that is one thing we will work with, but we also want to figure out what is happening inside him/her regarding communication – is there frustration, anger? Is there fear? Is your child struggling with anxiety and bringing it out in other ways? Are there temper tantrums, lack of control, fleeing when upset, aggression and rage, lack of eye contact, anxiety, disconnect, OCD, bed wetting, social anxiety?

First lets figure out exactly what is going on together. Then, based on what we believe to be the outcome- we create a safe, effective, gentle – yet very powerful flower remedy blend specifically based on his/her needs. There will be times, based on what is going on inside the mom (you can hear in her voice) that I recommend a blend for her as well. Sometimes it is as important that a parent be on the blends since the interaction between a parent and child is almost 24 hours a day. Its important that both move forward to really help the child.

Life as a parent is overwhelming and stressful. We are amateurs at this. Add to that having to learn to deal with emotional/mental challenges takes parenting to a new and intense level.

Using a flower remedy blend to take the imbalance and move it as much as well can to a balanced being is amazing for you and your child. Because the remedies are self healing, as you give the remedies to your child, you can watch the beautiful transition back to who he/she truly is.

See the amazing testimonials below and feel free to take advantage of your complimentary consultation.

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I am working with children with severe autism, as well as children who are high functioning for their personal specific challenge and seeing beautiful results. For some children it can be a few days before you begin to see small improvements, for others, it can take two months.

It depends purely on each individual, how deep and how long they have been dealing with their challenges. I have worked with parents regarding temper tantrums, fleeing when upset, aggression and rage, lack of eye contact, anxiety, disconnect, OCD, bed wetting, social anxiety and have seen wonderful change with a remedy blend. Fearfulness, stress, anxiety and nervousness has decreased dramatically and in many cases, disappeared using the flower remedies, as well. I have also worked with moms as life can become overwhelming. We can become exhausted as caretakers, guilt ridden,overwhelmed and more.

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And determine Is Your Child Exhibiting Specific Symptoms of Being On The Spectrum?
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