There are many diverse issues, we, as parents have to deal with on a regular basis.  Some may have to literally pull our children into school daily, others may have to  lock the bedroom door of our child because of fears of their hurting other family members, others struggling with anxiety and fears.  We are all unique individual with different challenges we will be dealing with in our lifetime.

With upwards of 20+ children in classrooms, when a child is not fitting in with the quiet of the room, teachers may push for medical help.  But what if there was an easier, softer, more effective way – something out of the ordinary or not taught to us in the U.S., but something that can be immensely helpful, even life changing for our family, our kids, our relationships, ourselves.

Speaking spiritually, when a child acts out in some way there is an imbalance in the triangle – mind, body, soul (spirit) .  It can come from anywhere – going back  as far as “in utero” (see Paulas story) can be from trauma, can come out of nowhere, can be inherited.  We don’t always know why – but I do want to share how you, as a parent, as a teacher, as a doctor, as a Practitioners can take care of your child using plant therapy, plant medicine, flower remedies.


We work as hard as parents trying to take care of our children, our relationships, ourselves.  Sometimes medication works, sometimes not.

Can you imagine using what the earth has provided us with for our spiritual balance?  Turning social anxiety into calm and friendship, turning anger into peace, turning sadness into happiness, simply by using extracts from plants – plant medicine? Its medicine for our energetic field, for the aura around us.  This is where all illness begins.  Have you noticed how becoming unbalanced begins with a situation-an emotional situation that triggers change into the negative?

As an example on how plant medicine works for you – take a person who is highly stressed.  It will show itself differently in the body and/or mind for each person – one may have high blood pressure and the doctor will say get rid of your stress – but how do you do that when we experience the same challenges daily?    If you can alleviate your stress, most of the time, your blood pressure with lower, without medication.

If you struggle with real anxiety (“anxiety” is becoming a generic term), panic attacks for instance and get heart palpations, once you release the anxiety, you will get rid of the heart palpatations as well when using plant medicine, not medication.   How do you get rid of the anxiety?  What are your symptoms? fears, social scares, energy suckers?  You can reverse these negative issues using plant medicine – flower remedies as well based on your symptoms.

I am talking about healing, self healing, not suppressing- but actual health benefits to move forward and heal.  Trauma in your lifetime – plant medicine will help.

The goal is to teach you to use flower remedies on a regular basis, to keep them in your pantry and use in the morning when not your best self.  For the teacher to help the student who is angry or fearful and acting out by spraying the right remedy around him – simple, easy, powerful and very effective.

How do we get this spiritual care into our hospitals, to reverse hopelessness, be feel empowered, to bring self belief and joy, to be ready with peace to move out of this life?  Well that is what I am working on.

This healing modality is well known throughout Europe, used in hospitals and doctors offices.  It does not interfere with medication, but will actually work through medication to bring positive feelings – that is what flower remedies do – they bring you back to who you truly are, your most positive self in your positive state of mind.  It brings you back to living the story you are meant to live, getting past each particular hump you will encounter in your life, small or large.


From simple confidence to hearing voices, the right remedy will turn you back to yourself, calm voices, bring confidence – quickly and for children and animals, very quickly!

If we keep aspirin in our pantry for our body, it’s time to become familiar with flower remedies and keep them in your pantry for your mind and soul.

Amy D. Cohen is a an Alternative Health Practitioner specializing in Emotional/Mental Health & Wellness.  You can see her on TV and hear her on top radio stations throughout the U.S.   She is a Certified Practitioner, consultant, speaker, best selling author, and teacher of a masterclass in Alternative Medicine, specializing in mental health.   Amy also has energy and positivity sprays sold on amazon.  She also studied homeopathy for three years with the NY School of Homeopathy affiliated with School of Homeopathy in England.

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