Listening To Your Soul. Listening To Your Soul

Life is a game- play it; Life is a challenge-Meet it; Life is an opportunity- Capture it. ~ Unknown

Sometimes we become so focused on the negative (first clue that you need flower remedies) that we miss the bigger picture. Distractions lead us away from our path until we lose sight of our purpose. A medicine has a side effect, so we take another to relieve it, and then another pill to ameliorate a reaction to that. We begin to have trouble eating or sleeping, become stressed and fatigued. We notice we are sick all the time. We begin to feel out of control. Our anxiety gets worse, and we become agoraphobic or our sadness becomes so strong that we cannot get out of bed in the morning. We lose our focus, our passion, our hope- and fall into this belief that we are stuck with no way out.

This happens to many of us at some point in our lives, and it can be so hard to find the path back to emotional and mental health & happiness. This book is a good place to start. We become stuck, focused on what we need to do for others and forget about ourselves. The natural restorative power of plant medicine (also referred to as “flower Remedies” and “flower essences”) are relied upon around the world to support psycho spiritual health and achieve balance in body and mind.

Although largely unknown in the U.S., Flower Remedies are part of traditional-wisdom plant-based medicines from many ancient cultures and used in may countries around the world as a health modality. They are gentle yet powerful in its mind rejuvenating powers, nontoxic, non-addictive, and safe to use with any “modern” medical regimen.

And they work. I mean really work on moving you to the mind, mental, emotional place you want to be. They bring you to living your personal best. Not just about your obligations, but how to work around your obligations so you are taking care of others while fulfilling your own purpose, listening to your soul. And when you are living your purpose, you can only live life happy!
Too often in our culture, we reach for a pill to counter a symptom without first addressing where that symptom begins. Imagine you get a pebble in your shoe. At first it will be a minor irritation and you may try to ignore it, but eventually it creates a sore spot on your foot. You shift your gait to remove pressure from the spot, but doing so unbalances your posture, which puts stress on your knee. Attempting to relieve your knee pain, however, forces your hip to move unnaturally, and so your hip begins to hurt which then makes your back hurt. Its a trickle down effect beginning mentally/emotionally, physically. The pain fatigues you and you develop a headache. The Powers of Flowers will help you to remove the pebble BEFORE the situation cascades.
Can you imagine being able to take something with no side effects and no chemicals? Something gentle in its action, whose function is simply to completely transform your thoughts from a negative to a positive state – your truth? This healing modality exists, and has for centuries. Our relationship with nature is meant to be cooperative and interdependent. Every flower, vine, tree, and bush—even a weed—has a signature property that connects it to all other living things. The way a flower looks or smells, the way a vine presents or even hides itself, gives clues to its emotional energy. This energy gives the plant its healing power.

Does it sound farfetched? Absolutely – it did to me as well when my doctor suggested I try this method to help me when I believe I was having a nervous breakdown and was struggling horribly with true anxiety. I’m a strong women so this was totally out of my realm. We are taught from birth to go to doctors, they are the only people that can help with our maladies. But doesn’t it make sense that our God, our Universe who has given us all we need to survive, would give us medicine as well? Powerful medicine? Read on and I am asking you to just trust.

There are thousands of different flowers, each having its own unique footprint and healing energy. Look at Boronia—after the flowers have bloomed they close like buds over the ripening fruit. The seed, which is within a capsule, is explosively scattered when the fruit is finally ripe. Boronia or White Chestnut is recommended for the overactive mind. A client of mine may keep reliving conversations, having obsessive thoughts, and may not be able to sleep at night because she cannot shut down her mind. Like the seeds, these unwanted thoughts are explosively flung from the mind.
Can there be ill effects? Sometimes, but nothing that can truly harm you. An ill effect of a flower remedy may be something coming up emotionally that you must feel, cry out, then release it, or possibly something coming out as a light skin rash which quickly subsides ridding toxins from the body. If this is happening, you should simply take less remedy, allowing your body to process the work of the flowers more slowly. Flower remedies are safe for infants, children, pregnant women, adults, and seniors. We use them at the moment a child is born to a person crossing over to the other side. They are effective for animals and plants, as well. Their energy transfers equally into the fields of all living things.

I have been a practitioner now for many years and the benefits of flower remedies are profound. I am consistently in awe of what flower remedies do for people – their minds, their souls, their spirit, and their business because progress, passion, faith and persistence to succeed all comes from your positive state of mind, your belief in yourself and not giving up. Some of my clients struggle with mental and physical abuse. Some suffer from panic attacks or debilitating mood swings. Flower remedies have helped specific emotional and mental symptoms of autism and PTSD, and many for children with behavioral challenges, hearing voices, fears, anxiety or anger. I am still learning from my clients and I am always thrilled by the beautiful changes that take place in their lives. I am continually honored to be able to help adults and children regain their joy in life simply by using flower remedies.

You will find amazing stories of healing in this book. In each chapter I will tell you how you can help yourself, based on the feelings holding you back from living life happy. You are not trapped, and you never were. Thats simply your belief, the story you are telling yourself. You need guidance. My job, my purpose is to educate and inspire you to know you can have all that you want in this lifetime and maybe help you to inspire others. To guide you, to coach you using flower remedies or use them yourself. That you can live in a happy, successful and positive state of mind no matter what is thrown in front of you, whether its a pebble or a boulder. Nothing can hold you back, When was the last time you felt in total control of your own mental and emotional health and happiness? This book will help take you from feeling so low, to feeling happy and true to yourself, simply, easily, powerfully. You were not brought on this earth to live a life of feeling stuck, and this is just another pebble/boulder in your path, believing there is no way out. That is not the case. We will show you how to get in on the powerful benefits of what flower remedies can do for you, then wanting more will just happen, and lead you to your purpose, even if you need some help getting there. Its time to open your world so you can sing your song. And if that scares you – the change – whether its good or bad – we can help you with that too.

Another amazing benefit is that as you begin to live your purpose, you naturally become happy, then this amazing spiritual growth takes place.

You begin to open to meditation, calming your mind, you begin to feel peace, you start to notice your intuition kicking in and becoming more soulfully and spiritually connected. They raise your consciousness just by becoming your true self, and there are also remedies to help move you forward spiritually as well, connect to your guides, your source, your angels. Opening your third eye. Being able to feel gratitude – being in the feeling of we are one “I am.”

By the end of this book you will have the tools to identify your personal physical and spiritual ‘pebbles’ and the knowledge of which flower essences will reverse their ill effects. You will learn how to harness the universal energy of flower remedies to restore your good health and that the more chaotic your life may be, the faster you will feel the results! If you listen, if you believe, if you get out there and try the remedies, by the end of this book – you should be feeling better moving towards great! Your family harmony will be different, you will feel meaning in your life begin to happen. And when you have purpose – you have joy. I truly believe most sadness comes from not having purpose. Enthusiasm, passion comes from purpose and goals and between using the remedies and receiving guidance on how to move forward from experts, coaches, you will achieve all you are meant to in this lifetime – whether they are big dreams (goals) of changing the world or simple dreams of being able to get up in the morning and make your child lunch – (goals) they are all important in the universal way.

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