Using Your Accrued Wisdom For Your Next Purpose In Life!

Using Your Accrued Wisdom For Your Next Purpose In Life!
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There are three types of women in transition I want to talk about.

a) Women where there kids are grown,out or almost out of the house, and they are defined by motherhood and not sure what to anymore, feeling they have nothing to live for;

b) Women whose children are grown, out or almost out of the house, and know there is more them as women, even if they don’t know what it is yet!

c) Woman who have reached retirement in their position, but need to, or want to continue working, but doing what they want, even if they don’t know what that is!
Either one, my goal is to take you from the “lost my place“ to the “excited for my new venture with passion” role! Yes, you are older, but you are in the best part of your life, and you just don’t see it yet so let me explain!

In all these years spent raising children – the most informative/retaining years of your life, you have gathered information and connections. You have been in a totally different area of your life. You have learned in this new phase, whether you are married, not married, had kids, not had kids – you have learned your likes, dislikes, what you are good at, career likes, dislikes, friends, had to maybe become an expert on a specific challenge/issue, struggled with trauma, and more.

You have probably had flashes of “I wish I did this,” or “I wish I can do this” or “maybe I can save someone from making the same horrible mistake.”

In this new phase of your life – the “what do I do next, what is my purpose, my value, what do I do is a glorious place to be and although you feel your talents may have been in the job you are doing and doesn’t fulfill you anymore, or spent the last many years home for the most part raising children I will explain the how’s and whys of your glorious position!

We are finally able to use the phrase “I wish I knew then What I Know Now!” Although you may not see it yet, all this accrued personal information gives you the freedom to choose anything you want to do! So many woman I have met want to help others in this next chapter in their life. It used to be our parents took on a position, a career, and stayed there, retired and that was it. Its not like that anymore! Because we are in our 50’s does not mean life is over, this newfound freedom is a gift! You can do nothing, if that is what you want to do, but putter around the house and garden if that makes you happy. You can travel if that was always your dream.

Or, you can figure out what you want to do next. Is there something you want to do as a career? Do you have hobbies you can make money from? A desire to help others through some kind of book based on an experience? Or have found healing in some way and want to share that with others? Your next goal is right inside you if you are feeling restless to do something. When you listen to what is going around in your head, your happiness, unhappiness, wishes, desires – its your insides, your soul – telling you there is more for you to do!

How to Find Your Future!


  • The first thing is to possibly write in a journal your thoughts, how you feel for a month or two and see if anything comes up.
  • Think about things you love to do. Are you an expert in anything? Have you had dreams of something you always wished you can do, but think you cannot? Is there another form related to that dream that maybe you feel like you can do?

  • Talk to family and friends to look for ideas. Also, ask them, what do they see in you- what are your strengths. Sometimes friends and family can shine a light on our strengths and what makes us unique.
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