Working With Families & Children


I work with Children Month to Month. Give it three months to see beautiful results. No package.

Working with children is usually about 3 months, can be more depending on their challenges. Children are so pure we usually see results happening for them within the first few weeks! For kids, becoming unbalanced can happen even before childbirth for some. Was there trauma to the mom, or mental, physical abuse, illness, etc.

What are you noticing that your child may be struggling with? Sometimes what you may think is a behavioral problem can be anxiety. It can present itself as as communication to fears to anger, social anxiety, difficulty in crowds, school challenges. , behavior challenges, tantrums, jealousy, etc. Many moms who are not familiar with the symptoms of anxiety may not realize their child struggles with anxiety and not behavior challenges. We can ever work on the emotional reasons for stuttering, bedwetting (usually clears quickly).

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